Spaghetti and meatballs (basic but very tasty recipe)  


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15/11/2019 7:24 am  


Beef mince

Tablespoon of oil

Garlic granuals

Onion granuals

Mixed Italian herbs


Tomato puree


Salt and pepper to taste

Vegetable stock

Cheese for the top

(optional, half teaspoon of tomato ketchup, sprinkle of sugar)

I couldn't use onions due to someone I was cooking for hating the texture of them.  They also did not want mushrooms. 


Season fresh mince add herbs.  Form into balls and put into the oven on a baking tray

Heat some oil, add the garlic, onion salt then add some vegetable stock.  After its bubbling up add some vegetable stock (about half a cup) then add a carton of passata.  Heat until hot then have a taste.  If it is bitter add half teaspoon of tomato ketchup and a tiny pinch of sugar.  Add more sugar to your taste.

When the meat balls are cooked in the oven add the cooking juices from the oven tray to the passata.

Cook the spaghetti whilst the passata sauce simmers on a low heat.

Serve with a spinkle of cheddar cheese or any cheese you wish!