Beef Lasagne  


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1 Onion diced

3 cloves of garlic

Tinned tomatoes (I cannot eat fresh tomatoes)

Two big handfuls of beef mince

Handful of mushrooms sliced

Herbs i.e oregano, thyme, sage, basil = sprinkle

Fresh lasagne sheets (or make your own

Beef stock about half a cup if for 2 people, add more for more people.

Squirt of tomato ketchup and tomato puree

Homemade cheese sauce Ingredients



Pint of milk

Ricotta cheese

Philadelphia cheese

Cheddar cheese

Dash of single cream

Half teaspoon of salt

Pinch of pepper


Cook the onions mushrooms garlic and mince in olive oil then add the beef stock (not much only half a cup) blend half the tin of tomatoes to add then add the unblended tomatoes a squirt of tomato puree and a squirt of tomato ketchup. 

Add the herbs then leave to cool when all cooked.


Heat some butter and flour into a roux then add the pint of milk and two large handfuls of cheddar cheese, large spoon of ricotta, large spoon of philly and put on a low heat (2 or 3).

Do not keep your eye off the sauce and keep whisking it using a hand whisk.  This will take some time.  Add the dash of single cream and half teaspoon of salt and keep whisking.

You can turn up the heat but if you do not keep whisking the cheese sauce will curdle and be no good.  You have to keep watching it and whisking the whole time!

Do not let the sauce boil.  You will see the sauce getting thicker, you can use a hand blender if you need to.

When its very thick, (give it a taste if its not cheesy enough then add more cheddar) then take off the heat (very important as it could still curdle and be ruined).

Leave the cheese sauce to cool.

Once the mince and the cheese sauce are cooled then get your dish and layer up the lasagne.

I do it like this

Mince - cheese sauce - lasagne 

And repeat til you get to the top of the dish and just cover the last layer of lasagne sheet with the rest of the cheese sauce and great cheddar on the top.

Cook on 180 until the cheese goes brown and the lasagne looks cooked.

I served mine with garlic bread and some salad.

As I made a large dish I have frozen a lot of it in plastic containers and will just cook on defrost then on high in the microwave for a dinner or lunch one day.  Its a great idea to make your own microwave meals, more healthy and much cheaper!


The picture does not do it justice, it was lovely!