Freezing potatoes! - Avoiding the mush!  


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03/10/2019 12:02 pm  

I have tried to freeze potatoes before and they have ended up a nasty mess of mush!

So I have tried other ways to do this as it can really prolong the life of potatoes to freeze them.

For a quick and easy meal sometimes you dont have time to wash peel and slice them!

Frozen Chips

So I have discovered that for chips:

Peel and cut into chips.  Boil them for about 15 minutes in salt and a dash of vinegar.

Then wait til they cool.

The trick here is to get a baking tray and line it with some oil, vegetable oil will do.

Put the cooled chips in there and make sure they are all covered in oil.

Coconut oil is amazing too, I am not sure why but it really is.

Now the chips will want to stick together if you try to put them into a freezer bag and this you do not want!

You need to freeze them flat out so they are not going to freeze stuck together so I usually get a large freezer seal pack bag put on the kitchen counter and slide them in individually flat.  I dont over fill the bags and then I lay them flat in the freezer.  

When you fancy some chips just heat your oil and cook the premade chips from frozen.

Frozen Roast potatoes

So I have discovered that for roast potatoes:

You peel and cut your potatoes to shape and then parboil like you would normally.

Then roll them in oil so they are all coated and once cooled put into your freezer bags and bung straight into the freezer!

When making a roast etc just put them in the baking tray as you would normal fresh parboiled potatoes though they may need the extra 15 minutes or so to catch up with the cooking.

Mashed potatoes

Peel and slice and boil into mash as you could normally.

Do add a pinch of salt but do not add any butter or milk egg etc.

Get a plastic container so it is tightly sealed so no air can get in and try to fill up the tub to the top.

When you wish to use the mash heat on defrost til its soft then use a fork to mix it all up and then add some butter and milk and then cook for a few minutes until its looking like wonderful fluffy mash!

Jacket potatoes

I usually brush my potatoes (I usually do four at a time) with oil and salt and cook on a low heat in my oven for as long as they take to get brown and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside but not too soft just to the nearly cooked stage.

Then I wrap them individually in foil once cooled and put into my freezer.

When I fancy a jacket potato for lunch or as a side dish for dinner I take one out and defrost for around 7 minutes and then I cook on full heat until the potato is heated all the way through.  I then add my toppings and enjoy!

This is what I do anyway to prolong the life of my potatoes and save time, I hope my tips help!