Do you ever have problems making homemade lasagne or cannelloni with shop bought pasta?  


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07/09/2019 12:28 am  

I am a big fan of homemade lasagne and cannelloni but i struggle with the stuff you buy fitting into my dish.

The tubes in the supermarket for the cannelloni you have to poke your mince sauce through and they can break often and the dried lasagne sheets never fit your dish you have to break them or double layer which means your lasagne takes longer to cook or is too much pasta in some parts.

So my tip is.

If you mix plain flour with eggs and you literally use your rolling your pin to the point where they are covered in flour but removable from the surface so thinly you wont even need a pasta making machine.

You mix eggs with plain flour and you roll the dough so thinly then you put your filling along the side and just roll it up and slice them to fit your dish.  That will give you your cannelloni, for lasagne you just troll your dough rougly to cover each layer. Trust me, not only does it work better as you are making your pasta to size but your egg flour salt and pepper dough tastes better.

If you decided to use the jars for your sauces that is up to you.

Just crap it up.

Personally I make my own cheese sauce and mince sauce.

If anyone wants the ingredients let me know!